Pneumatic chucks

Pneumatic chucks are actuated pneumatically via a mounted or integrated cylinder.

The main advantage of pneumatic clamping devices: they do not require space for a hydraulic unit. Pneumatic clamping cylinders are therefore suitable for fast opening and closing movements of the clamping device. Because of the low permissible operating pressures in manufacturing, large cylinders are usually required to provide the necessary clamping forces. Pneumatic clamping is preferred for thin-walled work pieces as the use of compressed air can finely regulate the clamping force towards zero.

We mainly manufacture clamping tools with two or three jaws, with and without through-hole, as well as two-jaw versions in longitudinal and transverse direction to the connection.

Pneumatic clamping devices can be used universally as stationary clamping tools on special machines, drilling and milling machines.

Main characteristics of our pneumatic clamping devices:

    • Constant clamping power at the same pressure, resulting in high clamping accuracy.
    • The use of stepped jaws or non-hardened attachment jaws is possible in principle.
    • Using variants, we customise the clamping tools precisely to your machining requirements.