Hydrozent chucks GHHY und GHHYS

Self-centring chuck with integrated clamping cylinder, for automatic indexing plate lathes, transfer lines, machining centres and special machines as well as clamping vice on simple machine tools.

Chuck components are hardened according to mechanical demands and fitted to the main guideways in the µ-range.

Maximum obtainable indexing accuracy <0.01mm.

The chucks can be actuated hydraulically, pneumatically or mechanically, the cylinders are available in three different designs, or we are pleased to accommodate your special requirements.

The Hydrozent chuck series is available with diameters from 80 to 300 mm, whereby the GHHY series is fitted with straight jaw guides and the GHHYS series with angled jaw guides. The angled jaw guide provides a down-pull effect whereby the work piece is drawn to the machine tool during simultaneous clamping.